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Welcome to our law firm! We are a team of dedicated lawyers with decades of experience in the legal industry. We specialize in providing personalized services and advice to our clients so that they can make the best decisions for their needs. Whether you’re looking for guidance on a business dispute or need help filing for divorce, we have the expertise and resources to assist you throughout your legal journey. Get to know us better by reading this blog article as we explore our services and why clients choose us time and time again.

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Qanoon.online provides a variety of legal services, such as divorce and family law, child custody, civil litigation, property law, corporate law, taxation law, labour law, criminal law, and business law.

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Qanoon.online Experts adhere to high standards of professionalism and conduct. Each of our Expert lawyer is a verified by Bar Council and expert in his/her respective field.

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Qanoon.online is a Full-service Law Firm

Qanoon.online (Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore) is a full-service law firm that has been serving the people of Pakistan for over 38 years. The firm provides a wide range of legal services, including family law, divorce law, and civil litigation. Attorneys at the firm are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of the law, and they strive to provide their clients with the best possible representation. Our goal is to provide our clients with affordable, high-quality legal services.

Mohsin Ali Shah

CEO & Senior Lawyer

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We have a team of specialized Khula & divorce lawyers, family lawyers,  property lawyers, corporate and taxation experts, intellectual property and trademark attorneys, well experienced in civil law, family law, property law, corporate law, taxation law and intellectual property rights. Additionally, our lawyers are familiar with labour and banking laws. Our firm also advises companies on tax planning matters when they need help understanding their corporate structure or managing their business transactions, in addition to civil litigation.

Family Law

Family law deals with matters relating to families and domestic relationships.

Online Marriage

Online marriages have several advantages. One of their advantages is that they are less expensive than traditional marriages.

Civil & Criminal Law

The Civil Law is the set of laws that govern the rights and responsibilities of citizens, including property rights and contracts.

Corporate Law

In corporate law, lawyers defend and settle lawsuits on behalf of their clients.

Taxation Law

Company Registration, Partnership Registration, Income Tax, Sales Tax (GST) Filing, Trademark and Copyright Registration Services.

Property Law

Property law states that a property belongs to its owner. Earth has several properties, and without determining who owned them, chaos will ensue.

Our Expert Lawyers deal in Family, Civil, Property, Corporate & Taxation Law

Qanoon.online is a platform of legal professional, practicing lawyers and legal advisors and law specialists. A dispute resolution process is used to resolve substantive disagreements between parties.

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Qanoon.Online Experts adhere to high standards of professionalism and conduct.

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