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Online Nikah in Pakistan | Online Nikah in Islam: Process of Online Nikah in Pakistan is very simple as per Islamic Shari’a. For online Nikah, the absent party has to appoint a Vakeel/attorney/proxy. 

When you get married, one of the most important things you’ll do is take your marriage vows. This is a time when you commit to each other, and to keep your union strong, you need to make sure all of your legal documents are in order. This means having a valid marriage certificate and any other paperwork that may be necessary. In today’s world, one of the best ways to have this paperwork is through Online Nikah by our professionals in Pakistan. This service is available to anyone who needs it, no matter where they are in the world.  If you’re planning on getting married any time soon and need help getting your legal documents in order, consider using Online Nikah by our professionals in Pakistan. It’s a simple and convenient way to get everything done quickly and easily.

Online Nikah Pakistan & Islam

What is Online Nikah?

Online Nikah is a process of Islamic marriage that takes place over the internet. It is a way for couples to get married without having to travel to an Islamic wedding ceremony or go through traditional channels.

Online Nikah has several advantages over traditional methods of marriage. First, it is convenient for couples because they do not have to leave their homes and travel to another location. Second, there is no need for witnesses or signed documents. Third, Online Nikah does not require the couple to convert to Islam, which may be difficult for some people. However, Online Nikah requires formal paperwork from religious officials or government agencies.

Online Nikah is Done via WhatsApp or Skype

Online Nikah can be done in a very simple way by using Whats App or Skype. There is no need to go to any mosque or religious place. The couple just needs to find a mutually agreeable time and place and get started.

The couple will need to agree on the date, time, and location of the session. They will also need to have their phones with them so that they can communicate with each other during the procedure. Once they have agreed on all these details, they can start the process by sending a WhatsApp message or initiating a Skype call.

Online Nikah Is Permissible and Valid in Islam

Online Nikah is permissible and valid in Islam. Modern technology has made it possible for people to get married without having to go through the traditional process of finding an eligible person, then traveling to meet them, getting married by a religious official, and finally living in marital bliss.

There are three conditions that must be met for a marriage to be considered valid according to Islamic law: 1) both parties must have reached puberty; 2) there must be a mutual agreement between both parties; and 3) the marriage must take place in front of two witnesses.

The process of Online Nikah can be facilitated by qualified professionals who are properly equipped with the necessary software and internet connection. After both parties have completed the online registration process, they will need to undergo a face-to-face meeting which will confirm their eligibility to marry. Afterward, they will need to sign a marriage certificate which will be sent electronically to the relevant religious authorities.

Online Nikah is Legal In Pakistan

Online Nikah is legal in Pakistan. The process of Online Nikah is simple and safe. You need to have a valid email id and a smartphone to complete the process. Once you have registered with our professionals, we will send you an email inviting you to complete the Online Nikah.


Once you have completed the Online Nikah, we will send you a copy of your Certificate of Nikah which can be used as proof of your marriage.

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Benefits of Online Nikah

With the advent of technology, Online Nikah has become a norm. And with good reason: it is simpler, faster, and more convenient than traditional nikah ceremonies. Here are some of the benefits of Online Nikah:


 Online Nikah is much simpler than traditional nikah ceremonies. There is no need to gather together a large group of people, and no need to attend any formalities or rituals. All you need is your internet connection and an officiant who can conduct the ceremony.


Online Nikah is much faster than traditional nikah ceremonies. You can have your ceremony conducted in just a few minutes, rather than hours or days.


Online Nikah is convenient for both bride and groom. The bride can conduct the ceremony from anywhere in the world, while groom can be present via live video or audio streaming. No need to leave home for a special occasion!


Your personal details during the Online Nikah procedure are kept confidential. Neither you nor your partner will have to reveal any embarrassing secrets during the ceremony!


Online Nikah ceremonies are far cheaper than traditional nikahs ceremonies! There is no need for expensive venues or costly decorations – all you need is an internet connection and an officiant!

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Online Nikah Service by Our Firm is World Wide

Our Online Nikah service is available worldwide and our professionals are experts in performing nikah ceremonies. We offer a safe, reliable, and affordable Online Nikah service and we guarantee that your nikah will be conducted with the utmost respect and privacy.

We have an experienced team of professionals who are highly skilled in conducting all types of nikahs, including traditional Islamic Nikahs, halal nikahs, and civil marriages.

We believe that every couple should have their own unique wedding day and we take great care in ensuring that every bride and groom receives the utmost attention during their special day. Our Online Nikah service offers a convenient and affordable way to get married without having to travel to Pakistan or deal with any formalities.

The procedure of Online Nikah in Pakistan

Online Nikah in Pakistan: The Procedure

  • A date will be set for the Online Nikah, and the bride and groom will participate via video call
  • A Nikah Khawan begins with Khutba-e-Nikah and ends with Ijab-o-Qabool (requesting consent from the bride and groom). In addition to Wakeel/an attorney/proxy, two Muslim witnesses will be present.
  • Once the bride and groom have signed their Nikah documents, we will begin processing the rest of the documents. The marriage registration certificate will be obtained by both parties. The Union Council will issue NADRA marriage certificates and Nikahnamas (Marriage Contracts).

If you are looking for an Online Nikah ceremony in Pakistan, then you have come to the right place! Our professional nikah officers can help you get married in a snap, and without having to leave your comfortable home. All you need to do is provide us with some basic information, and we will take care of the rest.


We offer several different Online Nikah ceremonies, each tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. Whether you want a traditional Islamic wedding ceremony or something more modern and chic, we can accommodate you.  So why wait? Contact us now and let us help make your dreams of a happy marriage a reality!

Documents Required for Online Nikah in Pakistan

 The following documents are required for Online Nikah:

Bride and groom’s CNICs or passports

  1. Photographs of the bride and groom in passport size
  2. Two copies of the CNICs of witnesses
  3. Appointment letter for Wakeel
  4. A permission letter from the first wife is required for the groom’s second marriage.
  5. A divorce certificate or death certificate of the deceased spouse must be presented by the bride in the case of a second marriage.

Requirements of Online Nikah in Pakistan

Online Nikah is a legal and valid form of marriage in Pakistan. Online Nikah requires the following requirements:

1) The bride and groom must both be Muslims.

2) The bride and groom must both be of legal age (18 years or older).

3) The bride and groom must both consent to the marriage.

4) Two witnesses must be present at the Nikah ceremony.

5) Both parties must agree on a Mahr (dowry).

6) Within three days of its solemnization, the Nikah must be registered with the Union Council.

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Online Nikah is an Ideal Option to Get Married for Overseas Pakistanis

Online Nikah is the best option if you live in an overseas country or a remote area within Pakistan. It is a simple and hassle-free process that can be completed without any difficulty at all. The only thing you need is a computer or laptop with an internet connection, and you are good to go.

As a matter of fact, Online Nikahs are just as valid in the eyes of the Pakistani law as in-person nikahs. Hence, Online Nikah is the way to go if you are looking for a hassle-free method of getting married in Pakistan. You will get the officially registered Nikah Nama and Nadra Marriage Certificate as proof of your marriage.

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